Following the DENTIST

KIDS, Kid international Dental Services, visit Cambodia once every year and this year I got the opportunity to follow and photograph their work and time here.

The KIDS dental service was the brainchild of Dr.Robert Renner (Dr.Bob) a retired Prosthodontist, a professor Emeritus at The University of New York, and has been visiting Cambodia for 8 years + and offer pro bono services to some of the most under-privaleged children in Cambodia, those who have little or no access to Dental or Health services.

Two little Sisters hold hands across the space between the tables whilst having treatment, they were so scared but very brave about it.

One thought on “Following the DENTIST

  1. Absolutely brilliant Ian Some very lovely images, as well as a good documentary of the dentists’ work. I feel sorry for these little ones if they are half as scared of the dentist as i am!! well done mate


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