Stepping back in TIME – Nikon D3s, 12 MP

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I have recently been using Fujifilm cameras and lenses and absolutely love the results I get.

I got the opportunity to pick up a Nikon D3s, one camera I had always wanted to use and own but it was always out of reach financially for me. I was interested to see how this old venerable camera could stack up against the newer technology of the Fujifilm cameras.

Firstly, let me say, I had forgotten how strong you need to be to use one of these for a full days shooting, camera plus lens, is heavy. It’s like a brick. It is only 12MP which by today’s standards is small but as can be seen in the images above, it works. I found I had to use a little more thought in cropping within the cameras as less space available to crop in post.

Would I choose to use this camera for my street work, on a daily basis, maybe and maybe not. The camera is a superb, if a little dated, machine that gives great results up to now.

Visit from Cfs to Aogaah School with donations.


As always a most welcome visit from Cfs, with needed donations of school supplies for the kids and a few treats. Big thanks go out to Ashok and all those who today gave these kids help to get an education.