Photography is not about gear.

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To me, photography is not about the gear you use to make an image but about the image you make. Yes, it is nice to use a beautiful camera and a superb lens but if you get stuck on that merry-go-round your pictures may suffer. The old saying ” the best camera is the one you have with you” holds true. I always have tried to use what I think is the best camera, that I can afford because it pleases me, but it does not have to be the most expensive on the market. These days ALL cameras can make good images.

Taking photographs is about the ability to see an image using the equipment you have at hand, be that an iPhone or a Leica or any one of a hundred cameras in between.

Learning to see and anticipate is much more important than the actual camera you may choose to use. Each of the images here was taken with a different camera, either Canon, Nikon or Fuji, can you tell which I know I could not if I did not already know.

Certain types of photography such as sports or wildlife demand the use of certain types of equipment, long prime or zoom lenses, for obvious reasons, it would be next to impossible to shoot these kinds of subjects with a traditional point and shoot camera. These professional genres demand the use of professional equipment but this does not outweigh the skill of the photographer, knowing the game or the animal enables he/she to anticipate shots.

Specialised equipment is not always needed, and is not always available as with the pictures of the surfer which were taken with a Fujifilm X Pro2 mounted with the only long lens I had with me the XF 50mm f2. Placing yourself in the best position (on the pier closest the action) and with a little good anticipation (and judicious cropping in post) you can still make some good images.

Its is not always about equipment or camera but more about the skill of the photographer to know how and when to make the image.

Variation of themes in Photography

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Taking all kinds of pictures presents different challenges every time you use a camera. What do I want to say with the image, what lens should I use for best effect, is the image viable, ethical and possible.