Using the Fuji X Pro 1 still viable in 2020

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Fujifilm X Pro 1 with an 18mm f2 attached.

The Fuji X Pro 1 is the first of the generation of X Pro’s to be introduced in 2011/12 following the X100. It was considered at the time as a beefed-up version of the X100 but with interchangeable lenses. The X-Pro1 is overall very much like the X100 but with some welcome tweaks and refinements. The essence of the control layout is unchanged, with top-plate shutter speed and exposure compensation dials, a front-mounted lever for viewfinder mode selection, and a shutter button threaded for a traditional cable release. 

It did have a few initial problems, slow focusing being the major one (pretty much fixed in following firmware updates) but it will never be a speed demon. I have been using it for several years now and have never found this to be a problem that I cannot workaround. Not a camera to be used for sport or fast-moving subjects. The camera does make you think a little.

Is it capable of getting the images that I want, and in high quality, that is mainly what I am concerned with, and the answer is resoundingly yes (with a little brainpower from the photographer. The sensor is astounding and gives wonderful, film-like, quality. I like the retro design of the camera with its external controls, but it is still configurable to my way of working. This is what I like most about this little box.

My camera is used to make images of things that I find of interest and should be able to produce ”still” images that meet my standards and with care be usable straight from the camera. I rarely find the need with this camera to use RAW images as it gives very satisfying results with its in-camera JPEGS and film simulations. Used with the high-quality FUJICRON lenses the results can be phenomenal.

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