Fuji Film Simulation X Pro 2

Fujichrome, fujifilm, photography

Simulate the effects of different kinds of film, including black-and-white (with or without color filters). (PROVIA/STANDARD)Standard color reproduction. Suited to a wide range of subjects, from portraits to landscapes. (Velvia/VIVID)A high-contrast palette of saturated colors, suited to nature photos. (ASTIA/SOFT)Enhances the range of hues available for skin tones in portraits while preserving the bright blues of daylight skies. Recommended for outdoor portrait photography. (CLASSIC CHROME)Soft color and enhanced shadow contrast for a calm look. (PRO Neg. Hi)Offers slightly more contrast than  (PRO Neg. Std). Recommended for outdoor portrait photography. (PRO Neg. Std)A soft-toned palette. The range of hues available for skin tones is enhanced, making this a good choice for studio portrait photography. (ACROS) *Take black-and-white photos with rich gradation and outstanding sharpness. Available with yellow (Ye), red (R), and green (G) filters. (MONOCHROME) *Take pictures in standard black and white. Available with yellow (Ye), red (R), and green (G) filters. (SEPIA)Take pictures in sepia.

* Filters deepen shades of gray corresponding to hues complementary to the selected color. The yellow (Ye) filter deepens purples and blues and the red (R) filter blues and greens. The green (G) filter deepens reds and browns, including skin tones, making it a good choice for portraits.

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