Too Much Gear.

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I definitely have too much gear but I can’t see myself getting rid of any any time soon. I am running three systems at the moment, Nikon, Fuji and Canon and I use them at different times and for different reasons as they all have their strong points. Most of my gear is not new, the last new lens I bought was a Vitrox 13mm f1.4 for Fuji.

Nikon D3s and a few lenses I bought recently for great prices used. I still enjoy using a DSLR, especially of this quality. Other Nikons I have and still use are the Nikon D2HS, and Nikon D1. I am definitely a hoarder.

The Canon 1D Mk IV has been my main work camera for the past 10 years and it has never put a foot wrong, always giving me the images I required, but like the Nikon D3s it heavy and you need to be fairly strong to hump it and its L lenses around for a days shoot.

Fujifilm have been building wonderful cameras for a while, cameras with a bit of class. My general everyday camera for work is now Fuji either the XT2 or 3, with the battery grip as they still cannot compete with DSLR’s, power wise. Picture wise they can in certain circumstances, better the comparable DSLR.

I also use the Fujifilm X Pro1,2 & 3 .

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