Viltrox 13mm f1.4 for Fuji

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First Impressions

I bought this lens after reading the very positive reviews on the net over several weeks. I have one other Viltrox lens the 23mm f1.4 that I have found to be capable of excellent results. It was time for me to find out if this was an isolated incident of a cheaper lens giving excellent results.

I could not find a used example here in Cambodia so I decided to purchase a new lens from my camera supplier in Phnom Penh. The images here are the first taken with this lens, straight from the X Pro3 in JPEG.

Over the next few weeks I will be putting this lens through its paces but my fist impressions are ” I’m Impressed “.

Get up close and wide open with VILTROX AF 13/1.4 XF, a professional, portable prime lens. With a focal length equivalent to 20mm, it’s the perfect choice for sprawling landscapes, the sights and sounds of the street, and everything else in between. Be ready for any creative outburst with lightning-fast autofocus, a wide F1.4 aperture, and unmatched optical design. AF 13/1.4 XF is ready to go wherever your adventures take you and fully capable of extracting every last bit of detail from your X Series mirrorless camera.

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