Viltrox 85mm f1.8 for Fuji – Mattias Burling review

cameras, Fujichrome, Lenses, Travel

May certainly be worth a look at the price. 85mm is one of my favorite focal lengths. This gives 127.5mm with the APSc crop factor.

  • The lens is very well crafted. Its all metal ,feels better in the hand than the native Fuji primes. It actually feels better built than most lenses.
  • The auto focus is fast with the latest firmware, on par with many native lenses.
  • The image quality on this lens is surprisingly good and it’s an all around solid performer , this lens offers excellent center and edge to edge sharpness and superb resolving power.
  • Right out of camera, the neutral quality of this lens gives skin a subtle sheen, making it and excellent choice for portraiture as well as black and white photography.
  • The textured metal focus ring provides an exceptionally smooth experience and the 145.9° throw allows for precise focusing, even at closer distances where subtle nuances would be more noticeable.

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