My New EVERYDAY kit in the bag.

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Fujifilm X100

So what do I carry when I go out shooting around town and why.

Whatever it is that I carry it needs to be lighweight but at the same time sturdy and able to produce great results many times under adverse conditions, heat and high humidity;

Up until fairly recently I used to carry lots of different cameras and lenses, mainly Nikon or Canon Pro range, with a good selection of lenses. Not going to go into that right now but needless to say they were a heavy group to carry around for any length of time.

Fujifilm X-E2 always in my bag.

  • Sensor: 16.3 MP (1.5x crop factor), 4.8µ pixel size, same as on X-E1.
  • Sensor Size: 23.6 x 15.6mm.
  • Resolution: 4896 x 3264.
  • Native ISO Sensitivity: 200-6,400.
  • Boost Low ISO Sensitivity: 100.
  • Boost High ISO Sensitivity: 12,800-25,600.
  • Sensor Cleaning System: Yes.

Its small, its lightweight and just gives great result for the kind of stuff I shoot, usually mounted with the XF 18mm f2 its 16MP sensor is excellent.

Almost always in the bag FUJIFILM XT3

This is one wonderful piece of machinery, high MP with great functionality and produces crisp and clean images even at very high ISO.

Even with its attached battery pack it is comfortable to carry and the extra power means I can go all day and not run out of power. I like to mate this with my most recently aquired lens the XF 10-24 f4 R IOS as the result can be superb and the wide angle can be challenging. The X-T3 brings with it a brand new sensor, improved autofocus and video performance that makes it competitive with Panasonic’s GH5, taking the X-T series from being a very good stills camera to one of the best stills/video hybrids on the market. This is a true professional camera, and it’s already NOT the camera that a Fuji user would buy if they wanted a truly portable, lightweight APS-C kit. It weighs in much heavier that the XE2 but it has much faster AF and battery life that IMO make up for the little extra weight. I also have a XT2 as a back up but that is not carried all the time.

Fuji X Pro2

Used probably as much as the XE2 but a little heavier to carry. The results from this camera mated usually with an XF 35mm f2 are no less than astounding. Easy to carry and easy to use once you have it set up the way you like it. As with all Fujifilm cameras the menus can be a little complex but once you understand how they work the cameras can be tweeked to how you like your images to come out if you use JPEG’s out of the box. (which I do).

Fujifilm X100 (original)

I have just rediscovered why I went over to Fuji when I bought this camera with its fixed 23mm f2 lens. Its just a superb piece of retro design. It has a smaller sensor but gives lovely feeling images of great quality. The X100 is still surprisingly usable, even 10 years later. Technically, the X100 is not a rangefinder camera. (but it looks like one) … For most practical purposes – other than manual focus – shooting with the X100 feels a lot like working with a Leica M9 or any other classic rangefinder camera. The 23mm f/2 lens – equivalent to a classic 35mm lens on a full frame camera – is convincingly sharp.

I only ever carry 2 cameras, which they will be I decide when I know what I may be shooting. I carry them in an old Lowepro bag that I have had for years. It keeps them safe and it does not look too much like an expensive camera bag as it is quite battered.

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