The VILTROX 23mm f1.4


When I picked up this lens recently as part of a purchase of my Fuji X Pro 3 I was not expecting the result to match the Fuji XF 23mm f2 that I already owned but I was pleasantly surprised when I used it for the first time. It is, I found, a solidly built lens with equally solid performance.

The images it produces are sharp and contrasty but a little warmer in colour than the XF 23mm f2 and the AF is surprisingly a little faster, giving excellent results in my street pictures as can be seen below in the images of Venice Beach, California on a recent trip I was fortunate to make.

I found myself using this lens a lot on that trip as it was giving me the results I wanted and was quick and easy to use although a little heavier than the Fuji XF 23 f2. It is certainly a lens I would recommend.

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