Khmer Sight Foundation. Assessment trip to Kampot Area 2023

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What a busy two days spent working hard, by the team, to identify the people with the greatest need for further treament. The team assessed over 350 people over the 2 days with over 100 people needing further treatment.

The team was supported by the local administration which provided support staff from various clinics in the area.

10,000 Cambodians suffer avoidable blindness each year. 90% of blindness is avoidable with the right care and skilled doctors to provide it. Sadly Cambodia has one of the lowest numbers of eye specialist doctors per capita in the world. Many people living in rural areas have no access to eye care, meaning their Cataracts, uncorrected vision, glaucoma, corneal scarring and pterygium go untreated.

All the people from KSF are volunteers and provide their skills and expertise without charge. They work hard and long in difficult conditions without complaint to try and provide this much-needed service to the Cambodian people.

Want to know more :

Want to know more : Want to help or donate to save somebodies sight.

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