Using the Fujifilm XE2 camera plus XF 18mm f2 for street photography

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If you are looking for a compact and versatile camera for street photography, you might want to consider the Fujifilm XE2 with a 18mm f2 lens. This combination offers many advantages for capturing candid moments in the urban environment. Here are some reasons why:

  • The Fujifilm XE2 is a mirrorless camera that has a retro design and a solid build quality. It has a 16.3 megapixel APS-C sensor that delivers excellent image quality and low-light performance. It also has a fast and accurate autofocus system that can track moving subjects with ease.
  • The 18mm f2 lens is a wide-angle prime lens that has a 35mm equivalent focal length of 27mm. This is a classic focal length for street photography, as it allows you to capture a wide view of the scene without distorting the perspective too much. It also has a bright aperture of f2 that lets you create shallow depth of field effects and shoot in low-light situations.
  • The combination of the Fujifilm XE2 and the 18mm f2 lens is very lightweight and discreet. You can easily carry it around in your bag or pocket, and it won’t attract too much attention from your subjects.
  • The Fujifilm XE2 and the 18mm f2 lens also give you a lot of creative control over your images. You can choose from various film simulation modes that emulate the look of classic Fujifilm films, such as Provia, Velvia, Astia, and more. You can also adjust the exposure compensation, white balance, ISO, and other settings with dedicated dials and buttons on the camera body.

As you can see, the Fujifilm XE2 and the 18mm f2 lens are a great pair for street photography. They allow you to capture the beauty and spontaneity of life on the streets with ease and style. If you are interested in this setup, you can find more information and reviews online or visit your local camera store to try it out for yourself.

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