Covid 19 in Cambodia

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Covid 19, until recent months following the illegal escape from quarenteen by 4 Asia working girls from th hotel that they were supposed to stay for 14 days. After they bribed their way out of quarenteen the hit the nigh clubs and bars and spent time with various individuals. When they were recaotured it was found that 2 of them were positive for Covid 19. It had begun.

The Hotel from which they escaped

Following this initial community infection the powers that be attempted to isolate the infection with selective lockdowns and quarenteens, without good effect and the infection was spreading rapidly in many areas of the city. The eventually led to the closure of the markets and certain other places where the infection was spreading rapidly by contact. A night curfew was implimented and all bars, restaurants, KTV’s and night club were eventually closed for initially a period of 2 weeks.

Movement around the city was restricted and travel to other provinces was stopped. Face masks become compulsory and advice about hygiene and cleaning hands given. Social distancing was introduced. Number were rising rapidly and there had been a number of associated deaths.

Masks quickly become the new ”norm”. The authorities even distributing the to those who could not afford to buy them.

By this time it was becoming rapidly apparent that the lockdowns, although slowing the spread, they were not stopping the increase in numbers affected. An extended period of lockdown, in specific areas where the infection rates were highest was implimented. The vaccination program was started in earnest.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Royal Government of Cambodia for making vaccines available to those X Pats living and working in Cambodia.

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