New Builds. Good for the city ??

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Phnom Penh city is a changing place with all the new and apparently empty, for the most part, high rise structures, offices, apartment, condos.

Little thought or planning as to where and how these new structures are placed and how they will fit into the local area, it all seems very higgle de piggledee. Palace next to hovel.

Buildings seem to be getting taller and taller, big and shiny but with IMO little charecter and I sometimes wonder about their foundations and safety. Fire could be a big problem considering the ill equipped fire services here. Towering Inferno, the movie, comes to mind.

Money, money, money is what its all about, getting the most revenue from the smallest amount of valuable land, going skywards is the only way. I does beg the question, how do you make money from and empty building that few can afford to rent.

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