Is anything ever NEW

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It doesn’t matter whether someone has done it or not in the past. What is important is that you enjoy doing it.

”For example, would you not drink coffee because everyone else does it, and everyone else has done it before? Or would you not have a coffee this morning because you’ve “done it before”? Eric Kim

Everything is simply a remix or iteration of things in the past

Everything has been done before by somebody

The big mistake photographers make is that they make photos based on what others haven’t done before, rather than thinking whether they like it or not.

Do we make pictures for ourselves or to please others, do we copy what others have done before or try to be our own person and make something new. Is there anything new ??

Do we try to say things with our pictures, give them meaning or tell a story, or do we just like to make attractive images that appeal to people and that people would enjoy looking at. This of course presupposes that we make images for others to enjoy. Many of the images I make are not pretty, but hopefully they tell the story I would want them to tell.

If we make an image for others, and are paid to do a job, then yes we have to work within the brief given but that, fortunately, does not apply to the images I choose to make as I am the person that I have to please. I can choose the story or the subject that pleases me. It may have been done before, not original, but as I have already proposed, nothing is original.

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