Fun with Nikon

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Picked up an old but babied Nikon D3s. Could never afford one when it was new but this was going for a very reasonable price so I treated myself for Christmas. I had a few Nikon lenses that I used with my Nikon D2Hs so I thought I would give it a try.

Of course my first love are my Fujifilm cameras and lenses but this camera is still very capable. I have since buying it added a few prime Nikon lenses that again were very reasonable price, older, like the camera, but still excellent.

It took a little time to get it set up the way I wanted for my picture-taking style but now that is done it is very easy to use, if a little heavy, and is capable of some excellent images with a little, and I mean a little, work in post. The lenses I chose and used for the pictures seen here, where the Nikon 50mm f1.8G and the 85mm f1.8D. If I were not a dedicated Fuji user I could see me using this as my daily camera.

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