Fun and Games with LR

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I spend a lot of time processing images, mainly in Light Room, so anything that saves me time is going to be a good thing. I really enjoy creating black and white images from my colour snaps and recently purchased a number of presets from called Silver 4 for LR/RAW-Adobe. Best 50 bucks I have spent in a long time.

There are over 100, customizable presets that are loaded directly in LR in my case (but can be used in the most recent versions of PS). The presets can be used on RAW or JPEG images, and each one can be tweaked to my your in seconds, rather than having to do every image from scratch.

Some may see this as cheating, not doing all the work yourself, personally I see it as just using another set of tools to get the job done, to my satisfaction without all the stress of having to build presets to my liking. As a usable tool, that I can control and adjust to what I like, then it certainly comes recommended.

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